We help you in your digital transformation around Odoo

Odoo, the all-in-one ERP, allows you to manage all aspects of your digital strategy in one place without the need for third-party solutions

Do you have a project ?

Employees of SMEs are going through a lot of suffering

Excel is still widely used in companies, employees spend a lot of time looking for information, a customer record is entered several times in several files

We are convinced that an SME should use a single tool

SMBs do not have the means to connect the applications between them. It’s expensive to set up and use on a daily basis 

​You can implement Odoo on your own. But...

Loss of time
Odoo Underuses
Technical risks


We are our number one customer

We use Odoo for all our group companies, so we know exactly how you feel.

We are fluent in 3 languages: Odoo, travel and accounting 

At Advences, we have a common language: Odoo, but we are also bilingual when it comes to travel and accounting.


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Booking platform for tours and self-drive tours in Cuba




Inventor of trips to Asia & Pacific




Surf travel booking platform




Motorcycle rental platform.


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