Developpement of customized digital plateforms

Project study

From this phase will emerge:

  • A summary of your needs organized by priority and criticality
  • Visual models in the form of sketches (wireframe)
  • A roadmap for project delivery (lead time)
  • The budget and necessary to carry out the project
  • An explicit and rigorous description of your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in the form of functional requirements
  • A mapping of the tools and technical dependencies to integrate for optimal operation (APIs, hosting, libraries...etc.)
  • A solution for project hosting

UI/UX Design

  • The usability of software platforms and tools is no longer limited to aesthetics or functionality overload. The user journey has a major impact on the economic efficiency of your application and its adoption by end users and/or your employees
  • Our graphical interfaces are designed from the study phase to go hand in hand with your business thinking
  • We organize co-creation workshops with your teams to imbibe our designers of your culture and critical needs
  • Our user experience is audited and tested with your end users to maximize understanding and adoption of output
  • We design recyclable and scalable interfaces to facilitate the work of developers, shorten your time-to-market
  • Our scalable design ensures consistency and durability of your user experience

Customed development

Sometimes the needs of your business cannot be addressed by Market Standard solutions.

Types of projects carried out

  • Front-office / Back-office
  • Web application / Web sites
  • Mobile app
  • Connectors to external applications (from APIs)

Methodology and commitments Event

  • Even though each project is unique, we never start with a blank sheet of paper. We have hundreds of reliable software components validated by our most demanding customers. This approach secures the realization of our projects on the technical, budgetary and time levels.
  • We build state-of-the-art platforms based on mastered, agile, stable and mature open source technologies
  • Our execution is orchestrated by experienced project managers using the Agile SCRUM method
  • We are obsessed with optimizing the user experience of the tools we make
  • Quality team dedicated to functional and ergonomic tests
  • We carry out our projects in strict compliance with the regulations of the GDPR law
  • Comprehensive documentation of the tools developed to guarantee the sustainability of your software.

Maintenance & hosting

Choosing the solution: You Have the Final Say

  • The 3 keywords of hosting are availability (it works), security (it’s safe) and performance (it responds quickly)
  • We will present you in a simplified way all the possibilities on the cloud in France:
  • Traditional management of dedicated or shared servers at OVH or elsewhere
  • IaaS: Infra As A Service: Subscription, configuration and management of turnkey services with Amazon AWS, OVH or elsewhere
  • PaaS: Platform As A Service: Hosting adapted to your technical stack. We take for you an offer on
  • Our DevOps specialists are also available to deliver our solutions to your current infrastructure.
  • Managing your infrastructure
  • Infrastructure management consists of monitoring the smooth functioning of the platform and managing the relationship with the host.
  • We manage your infrastructure on a daily basis, but you can also have it managed by your own teams or by the provider of your choice.
  • Management application
  • It is the maintenance in operational condition of your platform with constant functional scope.
  • It includes patches and various optimizations as well as functional and technical support for your users.
  • Application maintenance does not include evolutions, which will be the subject of new projects.